[new clients]

  • We’re so excited you’re thinking of taking your first [solidcore] class. If you’re nervous, don’t be. The best way to learn is to hit the ground planking! You will get personalized attention during your workout as there are no more than 14 clients per class.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class. Your coach will need to give you a machine overview. During class your coach will offer verbal and hands-on assistance.
  • We offer a 50 Minute beginner class. We highly recommend this class if you’re not in a consistent work-out routine. We focus heavily on correct form and learning the names of the exercises. You will get a workout from this class, however it is about 50% less intense than our all levels class.
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meet [sweatlana]

She is our feisty friend who gives us the best workout of our life. The entire [solidcore] workout is done on top of sweatlana. She may seem a little unforgiving at first (because she is) but we are sure she will find her way into your heart… and core… and legs.
8 springs for a customized level of tension
A stationary platform to simplify spring changes
Smooth leather straps (sweat and smell proof)
Powder-coated aluminum based body (hello gorgeous, goodbye rust)
A pocket-free carriage


“I never felt like a customer. From the beginning, the coaches have felt like friends... friends who push you to new heights.”

Step Armah

“After graduating from college and entering the working world, I found it extremely difficult to balance working out with work and life, and pushed working out to the back of my mind. Eventually, I knew that I had to make a change. So I left my job and found [solidcore] the very same day! I can honestly say that when I walked out of my first class, I was in love and addicted to the workout and kept coming back! I have seen a huge change in not only my body but in my mind. I love the comradery with everyone in the room! The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, kind and care about everyone in the class. I now have a job with an extra perk, its right next to a [solidcore] studio! So, what has [solidcore] done for me? Simply put, the classes have changed my mood, body, and overall outlook on life because of the coaches and environment! My week isn't complete without [solidcore] classes!”

Calla McCabe

“[solidcore] has truly changed my body over the last year, and as a 40-year-old mom of two, I can say I've never looked or felt better. I am a runner and was fit when I started coming, but I had never done regular strength training, and my weight had begun to creep up as I got into my late 30s. Since committing to doing [solidcore] twice a week, I've lost 10 lbs and 5% body fat! The workout has also helped me stay in top form as I've worked through some running injuries. I absolutely adore the coaches--[solidcore] is like having a personal trainer without the price tag. They treat you as an individual, and they push you harder than you would ever push yourself, without you having to think about what to do. You just show up and get the most effective workout possible in 50 fast minutes. While I can't say I enjoy every one of those minutes (especially not those damned obliques!), I love the feeling of accomplishment I get, and I love my [strong] body.

Thanks guys! Much [love]!”

Holly Berkley Fletcher

“I have never found a workout quite like [solidcore]. Every class is different and extremely challenging (in a good way!). It’s the most efficient workout that works every inch of your body. No questions asked — this is the only workout out there to give you incredible results in a short amount of time.”

Kirsten Kvalsten

“The coaches at [solidcore] are total rock stars! They make you work harder than you'd ever want to work, but they do it all with a smile. [solidcore] coaches push you, and make you want to push yourself.”

Rachel Wolf

“The workouts at [solidcore] are AMAZING! If you're looking for a challenging, intense, and super fun workout, then this is the place for you. Each class is designed to push you in a different way and leaves you feeling stronger than you ever thought you could be. I'm hooked on [solidcore] and loving it!”

Shelby Baker

“Haven't worked out consistently for over a year. But [solidcore] has got me going steady twice a week into week 5. The best thing is that my lower back pain is gone... gone… gone!! Who knew I could do so many minutes of planks. Most wonderful and supportive staff ever. It's excruciatingly wonderful. Thank you guys for helping get back into shape.”

Janet Han Vissering

“I started going to [solidcore] as a way to compliment my marathon training with low-impact exercise, but going to classes has grown into something so much more powerful than just cross-training. I now take multiple classes a week as part of my overall fitness plan and three’s not an end in sight!

Each class is different so I am never bored and I always receive an intense full-body workout. As someone who loves to set goals and strive for perfection, [solidcore] motivates me to improve upon every class to get stronger. There’s always a way to modify exercises to make them more challenging for advanced students - and it works! I've seen an incredible difference in my physique and overall athletic ability during my time at [solidcore].

Not only are the workouts amazing, [solidcore] coaches provide a friendly, encouraging, and motivating environment. I know that my coaches will always be there for advice and inspiration before, during, and after my workout. [solidcore] is truly the full workout package and an extremely important part of my weekly routine. I’m looking forward to many more workouts and laughs in the future!”

Taylor Silver

“Without a doubt, [solidcore] has changed my life. I have always been super focused on working out, eating healthy, etc. I have tried every type of workout under the sun and normally stick with it for a while, before moving onto something else. I took my first [solidcore] class at the beginning of 2014 while trying to find something to stick with to get in "Wedding Shape” and immediately was hooked. I know we have all been there before, but I am telling you, something about [solidcore] is different. From the awesome instructors who knew my name, to the workout itself, I seriously fell in love. Ten months later, I am still going 3+ days a week, and leave class on cloud 9. Not only has [solidcore] made me stronger, and leaner that I have ever been, but it has made me feel part of a community where great friends have been made!”

Cerys Brown

“[solidcore] is the best and most challenging workout I've experienced! Since taking my first class in March, I've formed relationships with coaches who continuously push me physically and mentally beyond my limits. As a runner, it's great to have a strength training class that takes the impact off my joints while still sculpting my legs and core. I encourage everyone to try [solidcore] at least once - you will be addicted.”

Eric Wilson

“For me, what separates [solidcore] from other studios or gyms is the atmosphere. The workouts humble ultra-marathoners just as much as forty-something moms trying to get their groove back, but more importantly, there is no competitive "scene" or attitude about the folks who come here. No one feels out of place, no one feels judged. I think the fact that everyone feels extremely challenged--regardless of their fitness level going in--is part of why it is such a unique and positive culture. That, and we're all so relieved we survived each class we just want to hug each other.”

Britty Shaw

“[solidcore] has been more than a workout routine, it's changed my entire attitude. I show up to [solidcore], say hi to the coach, and we work for 50 minutes. I'm being pushed and encouraged, not shamed, during workouts. There's no way I would accept the pain during a workout if I was doing it by myself. It's been as much a psychological exercise for me as it's been a physical one. My idea of how far I can push myself has been shattered, and it's showing in my workouts, in the clean foods I'm eating, in my career, etc. I'm not where I want to be yet, but [solidcore] has really helped mold the foundation that will allow me to achieve my goals.

And, for the guys out there that don't think it's for them...it's true, solidcore won't increase your bench or help you add inches to your biceps. It will, however, get you lean, hit every muscle in your body, and will shape your body to withstand the burn to pump out that extra rep.”

Tim Burns

“My first class at [solidcore] was a week and a half after I finished my second lacrosse season at Franklin and Marshall College. While entering the studio, I was pretty confident with my body's endurance and fluidity, so that the class should be easy... I was so wrong. The class challenged not only me physically, but also mentally. The moves done in class were able to tone muscles I didn't even know I had! I was addicted after my first class. I fell in love with the place not only for the workouts, but also the type of environment that is formed by the people it draws and the coaches that are hired. A fun and energetic ambiance is created that motivates you to work hard! I highly recommend [solidcore]!”

Hannah Thomas

“[solidcore] isn't just an amazing workout, it's also an amazing investment in yourself. The physical and mental challenge combined with the motivation and support of both the coaches and your classmates makes for an overall experience like no other. If you like to push yourself to your limits and beyond and want an efficient workout that is never the same twice, you've got to check [solidcore] out!”

Melanie Bella