Pilates [intensified]

Turns out those Pilates classes weren’t a fad. [solidcore] is unlike any workout you’ve ever done before. If you want to change your body, you need to be doing slow and controlled resistance training. This is how you create long, lean, and strong muscles. The lights are low, the music is on point, and the community is [inspiring]. It’s time for you to start seeing results. You’re worth it.

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bootcamp [redefined]

You’re going too fast…it’s time to slow down. You don’t need to beat-up on your body to see results. Doing resistance training slowly is the safest and most effective way to change your muscles. Each class is a high-intensity, full–body workout using movements based on planks, squats, and lunges. It’s time for you to rethink how you exercise. It’s time to create the strongest version of yourself.

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Sara began her journey with [solidcore] back in June of 2017 working the front desk as [core crew]. Sara’s enthusiasm and passion for our brand and workout was evident from the very start. Sara hopped into everyone’s classes, promoted ALL of our instructors, and brought much joy and so many laughs to our studio. The transition from [core crew] to coach was a natural progression! Through out her training, she would study and train harder than ever. Tears, late night calls/texts for feedback, and happy dances when she absolutely [crushed] her classes. During her mocks, her classes were waitlisted ON WAITLISTED. Clients already adored her, but the feedback we received when she joined the schedule permanently, made us absolutely beam with pride, and came as no surprise. Her classes have been consistently filled. We have received phone calls and emails just to let us know how amazing she is doing. She has subbed in for nearly EVERY employee on roster. She is eager to grow and become the [strongest] coach she can be. She is the ultimate team player. Staying late after her classes to see how she can help. When another coach broke their hand in August, she drove them at 5am to the studio, stayed for the triple, and drove home! This was not for one day, but three days. (Talk about someone you can rely on!)

Sara represents everything this company stands for. Strength, determination, commitment, and [heart].

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