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Pilates [intensified]

Turns out those Pilates classes weren’t a fad. [solidcore] is unlike any workout you’ve ever done before. If you want to change your body, you need to be doing slow and controlled resistance training. This is how you create long, lean, and strong muscles. The lights are low, the music is on point, and the community is [inspiring]. It’s time for you to start seeing results. You’re worth it.

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bootcamp [redefined]

You’re going too fast…it’s time to slow down. You don’t need to beat-up on your body to see results. Doing resistance training slowly is the safest and most effective way to change your muscles. Each class is a high-intensity, full–body workout using movements based on planks, squats, and lunges. It’s time for you to rethink how you exercise. It’s time to create the strongest version of yourself.

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Jamie joined our downtown Philadelphia team just a little over a month ago and has already impacted many of our clients, coaches, and our brand in such a positive way. Watching Jamie grow from a trainee, excelling in training, to just observing her class on her officially one month anniversary with the team has truly been overwhelming in the most inspiring way. She is a true team player and is willing to go above and beyond for the clients and brand to deliver the best possible [solidcore] experience, each and every time she is in the studio. She is smart, caring, and extremely passionate. Just recently, three new clients showed up to the wrong studio. They sat for 45 minutes in the lobby while she taught the last class of the evening. After realizing that they were at the wrong studio (and knowing that they would not make it across the city in time for the actual class) Jamie stayed to teach the three their own beginner class! We feel so lucky to have her on this team and we hope the Philadelphia community feels as inspired and motivated as we do!


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