the workout

[solidcore] is unlike any workout you’ve ever done before. It’s a high-intensity, low-impact 50-minute session that is done as slow as possible to lengthen and tone your body in ways that may have seemed impossible. Don’t let the slow fool you…it’s hard. You can expect a full–body session that uses controlled movements on a resistance-based machine to work your slow and fast-twitch muscles to the point of failure. After failure occurs, the body works to repair the ripped muscles and they become leaner, longer and stronger, creating noticeable tone and definition in the body. With hundreds of moves stemming from planks, lunges and squats – as well as many different resistance options – every class is different so you will never get bored or plateau. Your body and mind will be challenged in each and every class, and your [solidcore] coach will motivate and and support you as you create the strongest version of yourself.

studio locations

We have many locations for you to choose from (with more to come)! Visit the contact us page for locations, directions, phone numbers and other information.

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the culture

Culture is not created by words, it is created by actions. It is our commitment to you that every time you come to the studio, you will feel [welcomed], [supported], [motivated], and [challenged]. We aim to be a community that helps you [love] your body and mind while you create the [strongest] version of yourself. The community at [solidcore] is open, real, genuine, and positive. We will high-five you, push you, sweat with you, empathize with you, and motivate you to discover what you’re capable of.

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