sophia  f.


Position: Studio Manager

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

About me: I love to keep my classes interesting by cracking a joke one moment and then cracking the whip the next! The most important part is to make it to your machine, give every single ounce of effort that you have, and then be proud of yourself no matter what happens. I do everything I can in my classes to make people feel better about themselves, inside and out.

Favorite music to workout toI don’t think I have one [solidcore] playlist that does not include Rihanna.

Guilty pleasure: I try to not associate guilt with my pleasures (you can roll your eyes, but it is life changing!).

Favorite move to give you the shakes: Platform lunge!

“If you’re starting to shake your head no, I want you to start to nod your head yes.



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Sophia F . [solidcore]