matt b.


Home studios: Cathedral Commons, DC

About me: When I took my first [solidcore] class, I was having such a hard time I almost left halfway through lower body. The class hasn’t gotten easier, but the mental endurance I’ve developed from going regularly has made me so much stronger both inside and outside of class. I strive to give my clients the same. Whether it’s not taking breaks, keeping your hands off of the handlebars, or staying on your toes longer than you want to, I’ll motivate you to push yourself to those places that seem impossible. You’ll be amazed at what your body can do when your mind doesn’t get in the way!

Your inspiration: I get all of my inspiration from my fellow coaches & blurry pictures of motivational quotes that my mom tags me in on Facebook.

Your superpower: I can fall asleep literally anywhere. Ubers, cubicles, nightclubs, shopping malls, bar mitzvahs etc. Everywhere is fair game.

Guilty pleasure: I try not to feel guilty about things that give me pleasure! Except how many pugs I follow on Instagram. It’s way too many.

Favorite move to give you the shakes: Heavy Squat, Heavy Glute Kickback, Bungee. Basically any butt workout that I feel like the Kardashians would do.

“It only seems impossible until it’s done.



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