kelly jo s.


About me: I’ve been an elementary school teacher for the last nine years and am taking a sabbatical to move to Austin. I also teach Pure Barre classes, but I’ve gotten totally hooked on [solidcore]. I really enjoy long distance running. I’ve run tons of ten milers (my favorite race distance!), several half-marathons, and five full marathons!

Music I love right now: I’m super into Galantis and Cash Cash, but I love any electronic song with a female vocalist and catchy hook.

Guilty pleasure: Wendy’s chicken nuggets. Hundred percent. Or Cheez-It’s.

Inner rockstar: A combination of Cheri O’Teri and Taylor Swift, mostly because I think I’m hilarious and I love cats.

Superpower: It may not be a super power, but I wish I didn’t have to sleep, so I could have more hours in my day! In reality, I’m a pretty positive and enthusiastic person in all aspects of my life, so I consider that my superpower.

Favorite move to give you the [shakes]: Hamstring curls. ALL day.

“Do it because you want it. Because you CAN.”



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