Anina A . [solidcore]

anina  a.


Position: Pro Coach

Home studio: Cathedral Commons, DC

About me: I found [solidcore] after dealing with a nagging knee injury that meant I had to take a break from running. That was more than two years ago and the rest is history. It’s made a me a better runner, a stronger person, and most importantly, the Cathedral studio community is like family to me.

Guilty pleasures: I stash Justin’s vanilla almond butter packets around the studio because I’m afraid I’ll run out one day…except I don’t feel guilty about it.

Inspiration: My mom recently joined the 100 class club. For me, that was one of the most inspiring classes I’ve ever coached.

Favorite music artist: Is it possible to love Tom Petty and Fetty Wap equally?

Favorite move to give you the [shakes]: I love to hate bungee!

“I can’t give away any trade secrets – you’ll have to come take a class to find out what my notable quotes are.”



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