why it works

[solidcore] is 50 minutes of high-intensity, low-impact, slow & controlled movements on our resistance-based [sweatlana]. Classes are intense and purposefully sequenced to work your muscles to [failure]. [solidcore] may resemble other Pilates classes, but we assure you, we are unlike any workout you’ve experienced before. Each move at [solidcore] has the foundation of a plank, squat, or lunge, with a plethora of variations to help strengthen your entire body. There is a maximum of 15 machines in most studios, meaning each client will receive personalized attention and accountability from their coach throughout the class.

How quickly will I see results?
Everybody and every body is different. On average, if you begin attending class 2-3 days a week, you will start to see and feel changes by the end of week two and you will notice a big difference in your overall strength after 30 days.

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meet [sweatlana]

She is our feisty friend who gives us the best workout of our life. The entire [solidcore] workout is done on top of [sweatlana]. She may seem a little unforgiving at first (because she is) but we are sure she will find her way into your heart…and core…and legs.
8 springs for a customized level of tension
A stationary platform to simplify spring changes
Smooth leather straps (sweat and smell proof)
Powder-coated aluminum based body (hello gorgeous, goodbye rust)
A pocket-free carriage

the classes


We recommend this class if you’re new to working out, or a little nervous to take your first [solidcore] class. While this class is not a pre-requisite, this 50-minute session is your opportunity to learn the basics of the [solidcore] workout. The class focuses heavily on form and learning the names of the exercises.

full body

This is our signature 50-minute class that will have you working muscles in your body to failure. Your coach will guide you through a carefully crafted, high-energy sequence that will give you the most efficient and effective workout of your life. If you work-out on a regular basis, have good body awareness, and you’re doing some form of weight training, this is the class we recommend for your first time.

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muscle-specific classes


50 minutes of exclusively upper body and core based moves. If you need a rest day for your glutes and hamstrings, have a long run coming up or are looking to pay extra attention to your upper body and abs, this is the class for you! Please note we recommend that you complete 5 all-levels classes before attending.


50 minutes of lower body and upper body focus. This class begins with a brief core warm up and no obliques. This class is great for those who are pregnant, have experienced an injury aggravated by core work, or if you want the strongest buns & guns on the block.


30-minutes of intense core-focused moves. This class is ideal for those who need to get in a quick workout on a tight schedule, or for those who are looking to amplify their core strength & pair with their current fitness activities. Please note we recommend that you complete 10 all-levels classes before attending.

*new clients cannot attend a muscle-specific class listed above as a first-time client*

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private sessions + corporate programs

Want to have a one-on-one session?

We offer private workouts.

Interested in a corporate program?

Bring [solidcore] to your employees.

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how to prepare

  • Wear comfortable work out clothes.
  • Bring a water bottle – we have water fountains at each studio.
  • Bottled water is available for purchase.
  • No cell phones during classes.
  • Towels are provided.
  • No shoes or socks. We have grippy toe sox for sale, but they are not required.
I’ve never worked out before. Can I do the workout?

We’re thrilled that you’re thinking about getting into shape with us! [solidcore] is a very efficient and effective way to burn fat and build muscle. We recommend you be able to hold a plank before coming to take a class and be ready to work hard for 50 minutes. Give our beginner classes a try! 

I’m in great shape. Will this workout challenge me?

Absolutely. [solidcore] works your slow-twitch muscles to failure. Using absolutely no momentum, we dig deep into your muscle fibers, asking your muscles to remain in constant tension. You will feel an intensity like you have never felt before. Triathletes, marathoners, cross fitters, and athletes of all levels tell us [solidcore] is the hardest workout they have ever tried but they all say they love the way they feel after class!