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Michelle Obama doesn’t limit herself to the White House gym. Tipsters keep spotting the First Lady with Secret Service in tow at Solidcore, a boutique MegaFormer studio in the D.C. neighborhood of Adams Morgan. There have been three MObama sightings at Solidcore since February, which makes her officially a regular. This past Sunday, the Post notes that Obama was seen doing “some sort of bicep curls” at Solidcore.

Of course history’s fittest First Lady would choose what some call the gnarliest, toughest workout in Washington. Solidcore’s 50-minute, small group training classes use “The Lagree Fitness Method” on the MegaFormer machine, practicing slow and controlled full-body movements with constant tension to work muscles to failure.

Solidcore Anne Mahlum doesn’t talk about her fitness clients, First Ladies included, but she told the Post that “there’s no preferred treatment,” at Solidcore. “That’s why people keep coming back. There’s this equalizer in the workout. This is a place where you come to work—a place where you’re honest with yourself and your capabilities,” she said. Mahlum is benefiting from the Obama bump: she’s already opened two new D.C. studios in the past 12 months, with two new Washington-area studios in the works, and another location planned for Minneapolis.

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