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Solidcore in Bismarck is expanding locations, and Booming Nutrition is serving up nutritional drinks to the community. Booming Nutrition offers more than 100 Herbalife drinks for people to choose from. The shop is all about the community being more healthy. Booming Nutrition on South Washington Street offers Nutritional teas and shakes. The drinks are categorized under healthy, immune, beauty, energized, and rebuild. This joint offers a Herbalife social club for people to hang out at.

“Where we feel that we’re different is that we listen to everything you guys say. This has probably been the best place I’ve ever lived, and ever got to be a part of, so I just want to give back to everything that you guys have given to us,” says Klinton Koster, Owner.

Another store expanding locations is Solidcore. The workout boutique is opening up another store on Memorial Highway in Mandan this Saturday. The workout joint says it’s a smart thing to do to keep up with the demand of their clients.

“We’ve had great response to the one in Bismarck. We’re excited to just broaden that horizon to people over here in Mandan, and to just have more options for times available,” says Wendy Schmidt, Studio Manager.

Solidcore is offering 5 dollar classes in August with their new coaches.
For more information on Booming Nutrition and Solidcore you can search them on Facebook.

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