The new [solidcore] machine

The new solidcore machine


Meet [solidcore]’s very own machine — Sweatlana

We spent several months designing and creating this beauty with one goal in mind – to enhance your [solidcore] experience. Sweatlana was built specifically for us and will be in all of our studios within the next 30 days.  A few of her highlights include:

8 springs instead of 6  for more varied tension, including a new white one that will blow your mind!
No more lifting up the platform to change the springs
Smooth leather straps (sweat and smell proof)
Powder-coated aluminum based body (hello gorgeous, goodbye rust)
A pocket-free carriage

Favorite past time:
I spent a lot of time in New York during the R&D phase of my life. Although I met a lot of friends there, I am really excited for my next journey and the opportunity to live in several cities throughout the US and internationally.

You, of course.

In no particular order… create strong bodies, become Instagram famous and experience as many army crawls as possible.

Favorite song:
Gonna Make you Sweat by C&C Music Factory

Favorite food:
Sweat potato pie

Photo Gallery:

Our new app is here!

With several new and improved features, the [solidcore] app is better than ever.

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