The new [solidcore] machine

The new solidcore machine


Meet [solidcore]’s very own machine — Sweatlana

We created this beauty with one goal in mind – to enhance your [solidcore] experience. Sweatlana was built specifically for us and is now in all of our studios.  A few of her highlights include:

8 springs instead of 6  for more varied tension, including a new white one that will blow your mind!
A stationary platform to simplify spring changes
Smooth leather straps (sweat and smell proof)
Powder-coated aluminum based body (hello gorgeous, goodbye rust)
A pocket-free carriage

Favorite past time:
Traveling across the country and meeting new people along the way.  Being sweat on is definitely a close second.

You, of course.

In no particular order… create strong bodies, become Instagram famous and experience as many army crawls as possible.

Favorite song:
Gonna Make you Sweat by C&C Music Factory

Favorite food:
Sweat potato pie

Photo Gallery:

Our new app is here!

With several new and improved features, the [solidcore] app is better than ever.

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