Any New Years Resolutions?

Any New Years Resolutions?

“I resolve to call my parents more.”

“I’m going to run that half marathon I’ve been putting off.”

“I’m going to swear less.”

“I’m definitely going to lose ten pounds.”

Right around this time every year, the holidays prime us to both reflect and prepare for the year ahead. New Years Day is a day that presents the opportunity for change and growth. As we move one year to the next, however, we can find ourselves coming to the end of December only to be disappointed in what we didn’t accomplish that year. In talking to colleagues at work to clients at [solidcore] as well as coaches, I’ve gotten one question over and over:

“Any New Years Resolutions?”



But get this.

What if you didn’t need to wait?

What if you said, “I choose today” instead?

I know it’s still a few days away from the beginning of 2017, but my question to you is why wait? What if we took every day to challenge ourselves, carve out new goals, [crush] them, and begin again.

If I’ve learned one thing at [solidcore], it’s that you’re never done. One more rep? Sure thing. A second longer in a hold? Nailed it. On my toes for an extension? YASSSSSS. All of these accomplishments are how we push ourselves in class… but do we ever stop to think what this mindset can do for us outside the studio?

You are a byproduct of what with you repeatedly do, and if you choose to be the strongest version of yourself with us, why not choose that in your daily life? Go after the things you want with unfettered passion, and see what happens. Make a habit of excellence. It’s contagious.

So maybe today is the day where you start. And if you fall off the wagon, just hop back on. You don’t have to wait for a “tomorrow” or a “Monday” or a new year to start to make things happen. Get uncomfortable with starting now.

I bet 2017 will feel like a breeze if you get a head start on the things you want to do…today.

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Coach Hannah is interested in helping you create the best version of yourself, one assisted split squat at a time. In her free time, you can find her in the studio, cooking up a healthy meal always involving avocados, or outdoors in some Nikes.

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